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Taruca Extreme 180-270 Single Awning Wall

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Taruca Wall for  our180, 270, and 270+ Awnings.

The new wall tapers out to the bottom, with 2 inches of Velcro that connects to the awning.
This provides additional strength against the elements.

3 x Walls for a full kit on the 180 Extreme model.

4 x Wall for a full kit on the 270 Extreme & Darkness models.


- 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty - Freight Damage is not covered, see our shipping and returns policy.
We highly recommend for peace of mind to include our route option with your purchase.

- Wind related damage is not covered under warranty, we do not recommend that you open your awning in adverse weather conditions.

 Usually ships from manufacturer within 24 hrs - product is subject to backorder

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