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Taruca Extreme Shower Awning

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Taruca Extreme Shower Awning

4 Years of R&D behind our awnings, tried and tested in the Australian Outdoors by Bushwakka Australia

Using the strength of our 270 Extreme Awning Truss Design… we have increased the strength 10X

Gas Strut assisted arms for semi-automatic opening, no more hanging, and easy deployment.

Height adjustable straps for additional length. 

Built-In PVC Floor with drain (Attached by Zip and removable) 

Built-In Roof Canvas (Attached by Velcro and removable )

100% Privacy 

Setting the standard in Shower Awnings in the Overland and Outdoor Community.


Pack up Dimensions: 44 inches long x 7.10 inches high x 5.60 inches wide.
Deployed Dimensions: 43 inches arm length
Minimum Height: 72 inches
Maximum Height: 87 inches with the adjustable straps.
Weight:  28 LBS

-  1 Year Manufacturers Warranty - Freight Damage is not covered, see our shipping and returns policy.
We highly recommend for peace of mind to include our route option with your purchase.

- Wind Damage is not covered.


Bushwakka Adventure Gear

A Bushwakka Adventure Gear Designed & Developed Product, Licensed Distributor Taruca, LLC USA