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2007-2014 Chevy Suburban Drawer System 1 for 3rd Row Seat Equal Drawers - 24.5"W and 24.5"W X 32"L Drawers

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This system is designed for ultimate simplicity while maximizing space and functionality. 

Includes Flat Rate Shipping to the lower 48 states.

The Double Equal Drawer System is sleek and rugged with simplicity and functionality in mind. Features two 24.5" wide drawers. The drawers are made from aluminum with zinc-plated steel heavy-duty lock-in/lock-out drawer slides. Space is maximized by using thin, yet strong, aluminum boxes. Don't give up wasted space and added weight with bulky wood drawers and drawer boxes! These drawers will net 2.5" or more of useable drawer width and 30L or more of valuable storage space over other drawer systems!

Drawers are 10" tall. Includes baseplate for solid attachment and rugged protection for a system level with folded 3rd row seats. 

Includes Textured Powdercoat Black Finish.

System 1. Equal Drawers 2) ea. 10"T X 24.5"W X 32"L w/ lock in lock out. 1) ea. Baseplate


  • 5032-32 Aluminum Construction
  • Heavy Duty Full Extension Lock-in/Lock-out Slides
  • Slotted Attachment Points
  • Packaging With Hole Layout Template Included
  • Includes Base Plate
  • Heavy duty drawer glides with Lock-in/ Lock-out

Dimensions & Weights

10" Height Dimensions (each drawer)

  • Outside Dimensions: 10"H x 24.5"W x 33"L (Including Levers)
  • Inner Drawer Box Dimensions: 8.25"H x 22.57"W x 31.17"L
  • Inner Drawer Box Volume: ~95L
  • Weight: 51lbs
  • Drawer Open Distance: 31.5"

    Includes base plate. Made with slip-resistant hex pattern phenolic laminate and a Baltic Birch core you won’t have to worry about the durability of the plate. By using wood, we have saved on the weight an aluminum floor would require to match the deflection levels of Baltic Birch. 

    Baseplate will need to be attached to vehicles with spacers to level deck with  hardware your choice. Not Included. 

    Fabricated and shipped by Viato Equipment in approximately 6 weeks.