Can I still use my sunroof?

Our roof racks are designed to allow the sunroof to operate fully. The visibility may be impacted based on the configuration of the croos bars. You can still tilt and slide the sunroof as usual. Some racks allow the cross bar to be positioned in a place that may interfere with the tilt funcion. Please verify prior to operating your sunroof.

What is the difference in the light bar cut out and the full height fairing?

The light bare cut out and full height options only differ in the height of the wind fairing on the front of the roof rack. We refer to this as a "light bar cut out," but our rack features a shorter fairing to accommodate a single row light bar without restricting the width of the light bar you can install. Your fairing may partially blocked the bottom of your light bar. This creates a cut off so that you don’t have glare from the light bar on your hood. If you do not plan to install a light bar, you should choose the "full height" option. Aside from the light bar space, the racks are identical. You can also purchase fairings separately at a later date if you change your mind!

Can I mount cargo boxes and other gear?

Yes, our crossbars are compatible with various mounting options. You can use 1/4"-20 hardware with drop-in tnuts, 1/4"-20 carriage bolts, clamp style mounts that fit around our 1"x2" crossbars.

What Light Bars Fit the light bar cut out?

Our roof rack includes a shorter fairing to allow for the installation of a single row light bar up to 1/2" smaller than the overall width of the rack. The Baja Designs S8 Straight LED 40" Light Bar or the Diode Dynamics Stage Series 50" Light Bar in Amber or White are excellent, premium options. We also carry options from our Denver neighbors, Extreme LED. Their X6S SLIM AMBER/WHITE LED 44" LIGHT BAR is an excellent option that won't break the bank. Taller light bars, pod lights, and many other configurations are possible. Feel free to reach out!

What are my options for running a light bar in front of my rack?

We are authorized dealers for KC Hilites Gravity Pro and Baja Designs Light Linkable Light Bars. We have designed custom brackets for our roof racks. Brackets are avalable for free when your purchase through us. Other 50" curved or straight light bars may fit. Most 50" curved light bars that install via brackets at the front corners of the cab can remain if you wish. Email info@baselineoverland.com if you need help.

Do I need to worry about sealing my roof from water getting in?

Our Brackets have rubber pads that cushion and seal around the factory mounting points or provided rivnuts on modesl that did not come with a factory roof rack and require drilling.

Bumper Questions

Is there a discount for getting my bumper in raw steel?

We offer raw steel for those that want to powder coat or paint their match their bumper. While a discount is not available, the lead time is faster.

Do you have a bumper for my model?

We are working on adding products to our site. Options are available for many domestic vehicles. If you don't see your make and model, please email info@baselineoverland and we will get back to you.

What lights do you recommend for my bumper?

Most 3" Cube styel pod lights will work. Baja Designs Squadron Sports are an excellent fitting, premium option. Diode Dynamics are another favorite and are available in backlit options.

You can mount either 3" pod lights or a curved or straight dual row light bar in the center section of most of the bumpers we carry. Our favorite light bar is the Baja Designs OnX6 Arc Dual Control LED Light Bar

For pods, we like a mix of Spot, Driving/ Combo and Wide Cornering in both Amber and Clear. This gives us options for cornering, dust, snow, rain, and/or fog conditions; a smooth blend of light for both near field applications; and longer and narrower beam focus for illumination further down the trail. The Spot pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with additional Wide Driving and/or Driving/Combo beam lights. White lights provide extra lighting when you are driving at night. Meanwhile, amber lights are perfect for snow or fog or dusty conditions. Use both the amber and white lights at the same time for maximum light and visibility! For the Fog Pockets in the wings of the bumpers we like Dyiode Dynamics SAE Fog paired with their SAE/ DOT high beam lights or the new Baja Designs Squadron SAE LED Light Pods. This light is based off of the Squadron series. While there are many visual characteristics that stayed the same, the pattern and circuitry are optimized in order to give the SAE light a street-legal punch!

Do you have a rear swing out bumper available for the Suburban or Tahoe?

A high clearance, dual swing out rear bumper option for the 00-07 and 07-14 Suburban and Tahoes are available, as well as for Chevy Square Bodies (73-87/91).

We hope to develop them for the 92-99 and 2015-20 models as soon as there is sufficent demand.

If you are intersted in these or other models, and are ready to pull the trigger, please let us know! We will do what we can to get them produced!