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Baseline Overland

ROAM ARC 270 Awning

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Vehicle Side


The ROAM ARC 270 Awning comes in both driver-side and passenger-side mount options. It is a free-standing awning with nested legs inside of the awning arms in case of inclement weather. All the extrusions and body fabric materials are made of the highest-grade recycled materials and are fully designed in-house to make them the best 270 awnings on the market. 

If you find yourself needing a little shade, throw some up in under 30-seconds. The ROAM ARC 270-degree awning gives you all the shade you need to keep you in the outdoors longer. It is free-standing, meaning you don’t have to waste time setting up legs and making sure everything is dialed just to get a little sun relief. Don’t worry, we have tested it in some harsh environments and it holds up to all the elements. In the case that you end up in some serious wind situations, we have included nested legs that you can drop down and stake for extra stability. 


  1. 270 Degrees Coverage
  2. Fully Recycled and Recyclable Materials
  3. 4 Nested Awning Legs
  4. Rugged Guy Lines and Staking Points
  5. Machined Pivot with Bronze Bushings
  6. Custom Back Plate
  7. Heavy-Duty Mounting L-Bracket Included

PRODUCT MAY BE BACKORDERED. Email for availability prior to ordering.  


  1. High-Quality Sustainably Sourced Fabrics:  A custom 4-layer water-resistant laminated ripstop sailcloth made from recycled materials and made to be recycled at the end of the awning life.
  2. Custom Back Plate and Extrusions: Designed and engineered fully by ROAM to limit twist and sag in metal components when the awning is open and free standings. 
  3. Machined Axle Shaft & Replaceable Bronze Bushings: Create smooth effortless opening and closing of the awnings. Durable and made to stand up to the leverage of free-standing awnings. Designed to be serviceable in the extremely unlikely event of years of abuse.
  4. Nested Awning Legs: Each awning arm has an internally stored swiveling leg for extra stability. The leg includes a pointed foot to secure the leg as well as a stake point for added security.
  5. Integrated Webbing Guylines With Cinch Buckles:  Heavy-duty webbing guylines with metal cinch buckles create a secure and simple method for staking your awing out in severe weather.
  6. Metal Staking Loops: Custom metal stake loops at the end of each guyline create a secure and robust stake location for long life in harsh climates.
  7. Awning Arm Extrusions: Designed with two accessory tracks to provide locations for a host of accessory products.
  8. Riser Arm: A custom riser arm with a rubberized coating pitches the roof so rainwater does not collect and keeps the awning fabric taut.
  9. Injection Molded Back Plate and Arm Endcaps: Protect road cover and awnings from abrasion commonly seen in other awnings.
  10. 3 Buckled Cinch Closure Straps: Reduce fatigue on joints from road vibrations when the awning is closed and stored.
  11. Perimeter Flange: Velcro-lined edges including snaps allow walls and other accessories to easily snap into place on the awning.



  1. LENGTH: 90in.
  2. WIDTH: 6.5in.
  3. HEIGHT: 7.5in.


  1. LENGTH: 170in.
  2. WIDTH: 159in.




  1. 4 Stakes
  2. Tensioning Strap
  3. Mounting Hardware


5-year Manufacturers/Craftsmanship Warranty