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Dobinsons Spring & Suspension


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    • Suits:
      • Silverado / Sierra (Excludes Trailboss / AT4 Models)
    • High Quality cast steel lift blocks/spacers, painted black
    • Extended length u-bolts, zinc coated
    • Fast and simple to install
    • New extended length rear shocks are recommended
    • Only to be used with OE height leaf springs
    Dobinsons Spring & Suspension offer these 2.0" spacer lift blocks and suitable u-bolts to fit the rear. Designed to work with the original leaf springs, these lift blocks will give a quick 2.0" of lift over stock height. They are only intended to be used with stock height springs. The spacer blocks are cast, and correct for rear caster, and the u-bolts are zinc coated (gold colored) and suited to match the OE leaf springs and spacer blocks. NOTE: New extended length shocks should be purchased, as it is highly likely that the original equipment shocks will be too short and will quickly wear out faster than inteded due to riding at almost full-extension. Dobinsons offer high quality twin tube shocks for this vehicle. Contact us for more information.