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Baseline Overland

Small Hardware Pack

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Start off by getting more out of your rack. Mix of some of our favorite hardware to work with your t-slot extruded cross bars. Add on to rack purchase only.


  • (4) Drop-In T-Nut with flexible rubber handle - 1/4-20 threads
    • Great way to bolt things to your cross bars
    • Rubber handle to facilitate positioning in the slots
    • They can be loaded from the sides or ends of the extrusion
    • Black zinc coated 
  • (4) Quarter-Turn, Drop In Stud – 1/4-20 – Nickel plated
    • The connector drops into the slot, and simply turn it clockwise 1/4-turn to lock it in the slot.
    • Can be quickly added and removed.
    • Nickel platedgreat for outdoor use!
  • (4) Ring Shaped Eye Bolt.
    • Stainless Steel Lifting Eye Nut,
    • 1/4" UNC Heavy Duty Marine Grade
    • Perfect for drop in stud for repositionable ring for light duty tie down point.