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SmartCap EVO Adventure Truck Cap

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SmartCap EVOa Adventure Truck Cap 

***PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING*** SmartCap are extremely popular. Some models are often sold-out, and sell out fast when stock is available. Please contact info@baselineoverland for up to date availability and leadtimes. You may order here and backordered products will be fulfilled as soon as they are available. In stock products typically ship the next business day. Please see cancelation policy below.

The SmartCap EVO Sport is a stainless steel truck cap that will handle your off-road adventures. The EVO line of truck caps was engineered to stand up to grueling treks through the South African desert. Built using the same materials and manufacturing techniques as your truck, it's a popular truck cap for off-roaders who push themselves and their trucks to the limit. Make sure your truck is ready for the challenge with a bed cap that is built for action.

It's A Truck, Not A Boat

Generations of off-roaders have used lightweight fiberglass caps that are prone to cracking under pressure. The SmartCap EVO Sport is engineered to meet the harshest conditions imaginable while giving you more shelter, plenty of cargo space, and the strong support you need for rooftop tents and equipment.

  • 5-panel double-walled stainless steel construction with an automotive-grade Valspar / Debeer satin paint finish creates a rugged cap that looks as good as your truck.
  • State-of-the-art sealing systems keep out dust and the elements while a positive-pressure roof vent circulates fresh air through the cap while the truck is in motion.
  • Glass gullwing doors open to provide unrivaled access to your cargo or accessory bins from either side of the truck, and a unique sliding "dog window" on the each side makes sure your best friend always has a great view.
  • Uses OEM fitment to make installation easy without modifications for most trucks.
  • Important Compatibility Notes: GM/Chevy CarbonPro Beds require fitment adjustments. SmartCap EVO Sport is not compatible with RAM BOX bed systems. 2024+ Ranger requires Ford Load Box Reinforcement Brackets (aka J-Braces).
  • Integrated rails readily accept SmartCap load bars and racks to support up to 770 lbs. – perfect for large, bulky, and heavy gear loadouts.
  • Protected by a 3-year limited warranty
  • Compatible with SmartCap EVO accessories and bins for a customizable cap that's ready for action.
  • Can be removed in 15 minutes or less to allow full use of your bed's cargo area.
  • Assembles in under an hour, includes all necessary hardware and comprehensive installation instructions.

Fitment Guide


  • 2019+ Silverado/Sierra 1500 - 5' 8" Bed (PN: EA0100-MB)
  • 2019+ Silverado/Sierra 1500 - 6' 5" Bed (PN: EA0101-MB)
  • 2020-24 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 HD - 6' 9" Bed (PN: EA0104-MB)
  • 2023+ Colorado/Canyon (Crew Cab) - 5' Bed (PN: EA0107-MB)
  • 2015-22 Colorado/Canyon (Crew Cab) - 5' Bed (PN: EA0105-MB)
  • 2015-22 Colorado/Canyon (Extended Cab) - 6' Bed (PN: EA0106-MB) 

SmartCap FAQ

Is it in stock and how fast can I get it? SmartCap products, including the EVO line of adventure caps, are incredibly popular in the off-road and overland community. Since their release in the Summer of 2020, they've often been subject to long lead times due to material shortages and high demand. Reach out to info@baselineoverland to be apprised of current lead times and/or SmartCap availability, so you know you're getting the right cap and when you can expect it. Select your truck's model from the options above to order/ backorder. Caps that are currently available for backorder can be ordered now and will ship as soon as inventory becomes available.

What's the main difference between the EVO Sport and EVOa Adventure? Both the SmartCap EVO Sport and EVOa Adventure are constructed from automotive grade stainless steel and share near exact specs aside from the gullwing door composition. The EVO Sport features glass gullwing doors with sliding "doggie windows" integrated to the gullwings on each side, which your favorite 4-legged family member will love. The EVOa Adventure features double-walled stainless steel gullwing doors with an integrated MOLLE storage panel mounted to the inside of the gullwing doors to keep up to 15 lbs. of your gear organized and secured. For additional information, review this helpful comparison chart of SmartCap models: SmartCap Product Comparison

Explain the windows (gullwings and the slider) on the EVO Sport? Like the EVOa Adventure, the EVO Sport has a cab-side sliding window that gives you easy access to the cap from your cab's sliding rear window (if vehicle equipped), but the EVO Sport has more sliders in store for you. While both gullwing doors have fixed glass panels that give you nearly unrestricted access to the cap from either side of the vehicle, both sides also have an integrated sliding panel called a "doggie window" which, as the name suggests, is just large enough for your best friend's head to fit through!

Are SmartCaps Powder Coated or Painted? One of the things that make SmartCaps so popular is that they're built as tough as your truck's body panels, with an automotive-grade Valspar / Debeer 2K satin paint. Automotive grade paint offers a more durable and more UV stable finish than a typical powder coat finish. Being finished with automotive paint also allows panel repair and paint matching to occur in the event your SmartCap is damaged in an accident.

Is the SmartCap available in other/custom colors? SmartCap North America has indicated to dealers that factory paint matched options may be available sometime in the future. However, currently, the EVO Sport and EVOa Adventure are only available in the satin black automotive paint finish. The EVOc Commercial cap is only offered in the satin white automotive paint finish. You can be sure that as soon as the option becomes available, we'll be proud to offer it to our customers.

Do all SmartCap accessories work on all caps? The modular nature of the SmartCap EVO line gives these caps the flexibility off-roaders love. With the exception of the Security Screen, which was originally made specifically for the EVOc Commercial line of SmartCaps, all SmartCap accessories work with all SmartCap models. As of September 2022, the Security Screen compatibility has been expanded to fit the EVOa Adventure and EVO Sport models starting from cap serial numbers ending ...010422.

Does the security screen fit Sport/Adventure? As of September 2022, SmartCap has released a new version of the Securty Screen that also works with the Sport and EVOa Adventure model caps! The Security Screen Version 1 is only compatible with the EVOc Commercial line of SmartCaps manufactured prior to April 1, 2022. The newer Security Screen Version 2 fits all EVO caps including the Sport, EVOa Adventure and EVOc Commercial models manufactured after April 1, 2022. Please review the helpful ordering instructions on the Security Screen product pages to ensure you order the correct screen for your application. For help on how to read your cap's serial number when purchasing SmartCap accessories, please also review this document: Anatomy of a SmartCap Serial Number.

Can I install a rack or Load Bars from a different manufacturer? All SmartCap models feature two integrated T-tracks on the roof panel of the caps, which are designed to accommodate M8 square nuts as a means for fastening racks and load bars. All SmartCap branded racks and load bars are designed specifically to be installed on all SmartCap models without modification. However, it is possible to install a rack or Load Bars from a different manufacturer if you prefer, provided you understand some modification may be needed to the mounting feed and/or mounting hardware. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you require assistance with a custom rack application. 

Can it ship to a residential address? Yes! For a limited time you can get FREE SHIPPING in the Lower 48 states from Baseline Overland! The SmartCap's 5-piece stainless steel design allows it to be shipped in a relatively lightweight and compact box as compared to a traditional 1-piece fiberglass truck cap. The average shipping cost to the Lower 48 states with liftgate service and insurance is $250, which is far less expensive than a traditional 1-piece fiberglass truck cap, 

How does it ship, and how long does shipping take? All SmartCaps ship via LTL Freight. Once shipped, you should expect to receive a PRO number which is the truck freight equivalent of a tracking number. You will be able to track your SmartCap shipment on the carrier's website during transit, which can take anywhere from 1-10 days, depending on the shipping origin and carrier used. The freight carrier will normally call 24-48 hours ahead of time to schedule delivery. We ship all SmartCaps with upgraded "Liftgate Service" to allow residential delivery – no loading dock is needed! We can also ship to commercial addresses or your preferred installation shop.

How much does a SmartCap EVO weigh? The weight of the Smartcap depends on the particular vehicle application. Generally, the caps weigh between 200 and 260 lbs. 5 ft. bed applications for Mid-sized trucks (i.e., Tacoma, Gladiator) weigh approximately 200 lbs. Longer bed full-size trucks (i.e., F-series, Silverado) weigh around 260 lbs. Specific product weights and dimensions can be found here: SmartCap Product Weights and Dimensions

Are the SmartCap Gullwing Accessories Side Specific? Yes. Some SmartCap gullwing accessories are side-specific and do not offer interchangeable fitment. Drawer Bins can only be installed on the left (driver's) side of the cap, and Camp Kitchen only fit the right (passenger's) side. Full Bins and Half Bins are available for either side of the cap, but be sure to plan ahead and order the correct side bin if you plan to add a drawer bin or camp kitchen later!


CANCELATION POLICY: SMARTCAP Products are often backordered. Please verify stock and estimated availability prior to ordering. Cancelations prior to shipment will incur a 3% (or greater cancelation fee) based on the payment method used. Transactions made using ShopPay Instalments will have a 7% cancelation fee, and any interest paid cannot be refunded. Please contact us for returns which are subject to restocking and shipping fees.